After releasing his Swedish Grammy nominated debut album Never Half Stepping in 2009, which drew praise among music critics around Scandinavia, J-Son is ready for the follow-up. First single Destination Sky marked the first taste of upcoming album Gallery. Joining forces with the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) to raise awareness about the disappearance of the worlds rainforest's, J-Son gave all proceeds to WWF's efforts in saving the rainforest's in Indonesia and Africa. Collaborating with Swedish music sensation Salem Al Fakir, J-Son released his second single, Remedy. The song instantly became a radio hit and marked the start of what will be an exiting year for the singer/song rapper. Gallery is set to be released in April of 2012.

With the Samba in his blood, music was an unavoidable component in J-Son's life. Everyone in his family, have their hands and hearts in music. To J-Son it's as much a passion as a full time job, which he pours his heart into during 10-hour workdays in the studio, writing or somehow improving and promoting his game.

After releasing his debut album J-Son chose 2010 to be a songwriting year. He traveled extensively, to write and collaborate with other artists and producers. It resulted in two Gold records, one in Sweden and one in Canada. J-Son's reputation as a songwriter grew and in 2011 Swedish artist Eric Saade invited J-Son to work on his two upcoming albums, Saade vol.1 and Saade vol.2. J-Son also featured on Eric's second single Hearts In The Air, which sold Gold. Both albums later went Platinum and Saade vol.2 became best-selling album of 2011 in Sweden. J-Son has also worked with artists and producers like Pitbull, Maino, Anders Bagge, Cutfather and JR Rothem.


Born Julimar Santos Oliveira Neponuceno (J-Son) in a poor area outside Bahia, Brazil, J-Son, 26, came to Sweden as a five-year-old child. His mother, Maria José Larsson, left home at 14 and supported herself with various jobs, while teaching herself how to read and write by the help of newspapers. By 18 she was pregnant with J-Son, determined to give her son a better life, she eventually moved to Gothenburg, Sweden. J-Son grew up surrounded by music in Gothenburg, where he discovered hip-hop as a teen. He jumped up on stage and did a battle at a teen dance hall, an experience so exhilarating it inspired him to go straight home and write his first verse. A while later, he crossed paths with Gticy, the two joined forces and soon ran other MCs out of town. That was the start of J-Son's musical career, which he has chosen to plant in Hip Hop, rap/urban pop to be specific, but is convinced he will branch out into several other genres as he matures.

”I don't want to be categorized as a rap artist, I'm a musician, a music artist. I make all kind of music.” J-Son says.

Already having ventured into singing and songwriting, J-Son's goal is to be unpredictable and that in a positive way. Always looking to shake things up and surprise his fans, sharing his diversity as a human being, artist and global soul. Equipped with a wide variety of experiences, cultures, music and languages, J-Son sees his immigrant status and colorful heritage as an advantage; a well from which he draws his storytelling. Mastering four languages, this word-smith, combines it all into one global language - rap.

Gallery will showcase J-Son's growth as an artist and individual over these three years - accomplishments, fame, losses, ends and new beginnings, travel and lots and lots of songwriting. "I've enjoyed getting the chance to look back at my artistry and spending all this time writing songs full time, but I'm starting to get that itch to get back on stage again and bring my Hip Hop back" J-Son says.

J-Son's stage presence oozes passion and energy. He gives his all. Given a 40-foot stage, he'll cover 45.

J-Son is signed to Solid Music and EMI Music Publishing. Solid Music is an independent label with focus on urban music. Starting in 2010, J-Son's management decided to break the brand into two: J-Son the artist and Julimar the songwriter.