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Today I’m performing on the East FM Party Cruise. East FM is a radio station here in Sweden thats always suported and shown me love. So today I’m showing some back. My whole team is going with me, so we’ll be entourage entering that boat today. Al Azif and Nause is also performing tonight so it will most definetly be off the hook! I also got the info from my manager telling me there’s a all you can eat buffet! You know I’ll be going hard on that, belive!

Now I’m going to hook up the last things before I meet up with the boys, so I’m out! I’ll post pics from the cruise as soon as I get back.

Mucho love




Busy day

Was up guys?

Been having a really busy day, had to do my laundry first and that took long cause I haven’t done that since before London soo.. Mountain!

Theen I made a quick stop at the barber, well it wasn’t that quick he had a couple before me and I hate waiting. But the cut was worth the wait!

After that I had a meeting with Adam Tensta and his people, and now I’m on my way to rehears with the boys!

You see! Hectic life, rap life…



Brooklyn go hard

I forgot to post about this earlier, so I’m posting it now. Monday this week Jay-Z, whom is a part-owner  of the New Jersey Nets, declared that the team will change name to the Brooklyn Nets. ”Biggie had a line ‘spread love that’s the Brooklyn way. It’s a deep love we have for our heroes. We walk around with that,” Jay-Z told reporters. I’m super stoked about this and hope they can bring some big names to the team. The stadium the Nets will pay at, Barclay’s Center, will open with a string of shows. I bet it will be off the hook! Maybe I need to book that ticket when time come, just to be there at enjoy that historic moment. Brooklyn hasn’t had an professional team since the Dodgers left.


Me X 50

Got news today that I will be opening for 50 Cent when he comes to Sweden next month. Its always a plessure to open for the american artists when they come to Sweden. I’ve opened for Fabolous, Lady Gaga and Pitbull before and its always been great. 50 is only doing to shows in Europe and Sweden is one of them, so thats cool. We seem to keep bringing big artist so Sweden, Kanye said he loves Stockholm. I’m guessing that its the Swedish women he loves tho lol.

Anyways, for my Sweden people, show’s in Sandviken. Buy your tickets, come out, see a phat show and then see 50′s. Buy your tickets HERE.


Music in the making – Vol.2

Was up guys?

Well had a early interview with East FM today. Felt good, I was pretty tired so I don’t know really but you know! Haha! Doing a show with them on East FM party cruise on Friday and that’s gonna be crazy!

Right now I’m in the studio with Jason Gill, Eric Saade and Salem Al Fakir! So many talented heads in one spot, everybody is going in being really creative! I love working with free spirit open minded musicians..

So back to work now!