Hip Hop by Mike Thompson

During my trip in London I was laying in my bed one night, pondering over my music and career. What was it that made me get in to all this, what filled my heart with all this music, I thought . Sometimes, especially when I’m alone like I was in London, I get to pick my brain. Something I hardly have time for when I’m home. Anyways, I started to search for youtube videos of all my favorite artists. Early inspirations like 2Pac, Snoop and Jay-Z. Also artist that influence me today like Eminem, Kanye and Lil Wayne. These guys are all the reason I got in to music and the people that keep me going. I watch all these artist, what they have done and what they are doing and it keeps me hungry but still humble at the task at hand. I try to be the same positive role model and I hope that I can influence somebody out there to be a positive world-citizen.

As I listen to all these artists  I googled there names and came across this really great urban artist, Mike Thompson. He does really great paintings and I’m posting his pics of my role models and heroes.