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On My Own – Julimar

Hey guys


Today is pretty chilled out.. Came home yesterday and after a number of shows with a bad throat and a pretty heavy cough (witch we still rocked the shit out of) i felt really tired yesterday. Woke up in the couch today and called the doctors right away, so i got a time scheduled for later on.

Theen I go on the net and find the song I did with Christian Vinten on youtube! Christian is from Denmark and we wrote this song last year in Copenhagen.

I really love to do different styles of music, and this song has been on my mind for a while so I’m really happy to share it with you guys! When I do songs like this, you know when i sing instead of rapping i go by the name Julimar. It’s my real name and the reason I go by my real name is because to experiment and to be free in my creativity is like taking a step back into the real me. A young dude that grew up with so many different styles of music. I met hip hop in my teens, but music has been a part of my life since birth. In Brazil you don’t do nothing without music! And everybody sings and dance haha!

Anyways I’m gonna get ready for my doctors appointment so enjoy the sound!

Think different – Love Julimar J-Son Santos

50 cent Sandviken

Was up guys!!

I’m so hyped right now! Had an amazing performance opening up for 50 Cent, me and my dudes went up and straight up merked that show telling you! We watched the rest of the concert too also of course. I think my favorite song fifty performed today was many men. Love that song!

I also did a little interview with a Swedish tv program called Cobra. Hope that went good, I was still in my hype mode but it felt good..

Now I’m on my way back too Stockholm, and tomorrow I’m leaving for Gothenburg for another show.

That’s how it goes!



Stop Me Video

I’m here at Café Opera, just got of stage performing Stop Me and premiering the video at the same time. Swaging moment I must say. Since all of you visiting my site are special to me I want to give you the video first! Number uno exclusive!

We wanted to do something different for this video, and Tobias that directed the video got his own vision from listening to the song. He felt that I was talking about stoping yourself before it all goes to far. So we did this video out of a 13 year old girls point of view. How she sneaks out of her bedroom at night and in to this dark world that we live in. She gets fondled, exposed to drugs and alcohol, and gets thrown out of a car to the middle of the street. But the twist is that we get to see it all starting from the end and finishing at the beginning.

Watch the video here and give me your thoughts!


Its going down

Yes! Tonight its going down at Café Opera in Stockholm! I will be performing and premiering my new music video for Stop Me. Me and EllyEve will be performing the song simultaneously as it will be playing on a big screen behind us. Swag sync I call that! After the performance it will go straight up to Youtube. That will be around 1am Swedish time. So for all ya’ll that wont be with us tonight in Stockholm, make sure to check out the video on Youtube. I will also be posting a link here for you guys later on.

Now I got to prepare the last details for tonight. It will be balliiiin!



HÆMMER Time part II

Yes people! Today has been a hectic day. Woke up quite late after my night session, and had a lot to do before my release party tomorrow. This afternoon I hooked up with Frank from Haemmer watches for a photo shoot. Frank was with us when we shot the Overtime video in Oslo. We connected real good and he wanted me for some promo pics. So he brought his team up to Stockholm from Oslo, and we found a great location and shot some great pics. The photographer, Jan Kraft is cool as hell and he took some great shots. Can’t wait to see the results. It feels so good to be surrounded by all these talented people, I’m really blessed in that sense.

Now its time to get some rehearsals done for the strings of shows this week.