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Congratulations you won the iPad contest!


Right now I’m in the office with my people’s and I been going through the motivations for the contest all night.. It was not easy for me and I wish I could give all of you guys an iPad ha ha! Big up too everyone that joined the competition and now its time to announce the winner!!!

And  the winner for the iPad contest goes to a guy who wrote a great motivation! I really hope you enjoy this one man…

The winner is George Jansizian!!!


Here is the motivation he wrote:

“Music has always meant everything for me ever since I was a little boy. I would rap, sing or play on my drums whenever I got the chance, and if not so, I’d grab my football and practice until my feet got sore. Football became one of my best personal qualities. I’m now a football referee on a professional level, but on top that, I got into law school and here I am studying my fourth year in Jkpg.
I recently got back from my summer internship as a District Attorney in the US, the land of opportunities. Louisiana State University offered me a scholarship to study law in the United States and continuing my career as football (soccer) referee.So here I am, with only a few months left before my departure.
An ipad 2 would definitely help me out with my studies since many lawyers and law students use them to go through cases and settled case law from different instances in the United States. It has also become a common trend amongst Swedish Law students, but still, it isn’t exactly a cheap device.
Even though I’m not working with music any more as I used to at an early stage, I have found a totally different way to use my knowledge in relation to my passion for music. Helping new and upcoming artists as a lawyer gives a kick relating to being the actual artist.
You have been a true inspiration from day one and even though I do not get an Ipad, I am just as happy by just  knowing that your career is making great progress
Take Care ;)
George J”

iPad contest last day

Today is the last day for the iPad competition! I will read all e-mails and pick a winner today! So stay tuned for the announcement! =)

Jönköping klubb Enkelt!

Yoo we had mad fun yesterday!
The show was mad hype and my djs had the whole place bumping! I’m a little messed up today haha! That liquor done hit me last night for real, but now we are on the first train on our way back to Stockholm. It’s raining and I’m mad tired too! I have noticed that the weather really effects me, I need to move to a hotter country.. Where will music take me?



Sound check

Was up guys?!
Right now I’m in a own called Jönköping in Sweden getting ready to do a club show!
It’s been a minute, and it feels good to be back at it! After this we are gonna eat something and kick back at the hotel.

Have a nice Saturday now and please take it easy :)


Studio mode

Was up world!

Today is a good day, except for some government shit! But F that I’m in the studio with Astma and Rockwell and we are working on some good stuff or real! Haven’t really had the chance I work with these talented guys before so I’m really happy to be here putting in work. We got a session tomorrow also and on Saturday I’m off to Jönköping for a club show with my boys.

Not even this winter darkness can bring me down today hahaha! Hope you all have a nice evening, and I’m gonna get back to work..