Monthly Archives: December 2011

Merry Christmas

Ho Ho Ho!

Hope everybody out there had a nice Christmas! I had a lovely time with my family, and as usual they make me be Santa.. Haha I can’t help that my Santa acting is on point! But it was mad nice! Today I’m hitting the club in Gothenburg with my boys! It’s going dooown!


In the studio with Jason Gill

Was up was up?!!

Right now I’m in the studio with my boi Jason. Maan we have so much fun in the studio all the time! I’m very happy bout all the good feedback on Remedy, feels good as hell. So all in all it’s been a great day! On Thursday I’m going back home to celebrate Christmas with the family, long for that family love.. But for now music!


Last day Copenhagen

Was up, was up?!!

Right now I’m in the studio with Tomas Troelsen! Dude is really an amazing writer, feels like I learned so much out here these three days. Except for the early mornings, and that done got me real tierd! Can’t wait to get home today and get my Saturday sleep on tomorrow! Just wanted you guys to see the studio, it’s huge! Here it is!


Spread the love

My latest single Remedy, is playing on Swedish radio, The Voice. I need you guys to go in and spread that love on it! Like it and leave a comment if you wish! Just follow the link and it will take you there. Thanks for all the support and love!




New track+studio+Denmark

Today I’m in the studio with Lukaz! We on some Chris Breezy mode today, we on fiire! I’m going to Copenhagen to write some tunes this week too. So I’m studio mode as always. But thats where I wanna be, thats were I the most comfortable, making my music. Yesterday my new track got premiere played on Swedish radio, The Voice! I’m really exited for this track, and Salem Al Fakir, thats with me on this track is killin it! Ya’ll need to keep your eyes and ears open for this track. Stay tuned!


Salem Al Fakir