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Live @ 100% party cruise!

Hey guys!

Just got home from doing some grocery shopping, and Seven-i just finished cutting up the footage from this weekends live show! We had mad fun out there all of us! Big thanks to the guys that brought us out and made it happen for us!

I’m still rockin!!



Yeah, we got home safe from the boat trip! We left Thursday and got home Saturday morning! I must say that 2 days was a bit much for me! Not that I didn’t like it, it was mad nice. But when you wake up after that first night, hung over as hell, you want your own bed lol! But the show was nice and the crowd was feelin it too! I did a party set with Where You Wanna Go, Simple Man, Far Away and ended it off with Remedy. That’s how I do it, leave them wanting more. No encore, just out like that lol!

My Hypeman LoLo went all in this trip! After our show, he went all in and became the Hypeman for the whole boat! He bumrushed the stage and just took over. And they loved him! They even wanted to book him for later shows and cruises lol! Thats how we do it!

Yesterday I was just home trying to get back in to regular mode again! But It felt like I was still on the boat! Everything was rocking, STILL! Damn! So the cruise is still going on, in my head lol!




Going hard

Woke up this morning and went on i-Tunes and saw that Remedy is top 30 on i-Tunes and 6th place on the hip hop chart. So that was a good way to start of the day. Thanks to all of you that supported and bought the single! Much love!

Tomorrow we doing a party cruise to Riga. Me and my boys going hard! We always tear it down on these cruises lol! I got some wild boys! We did a cruise in October and that was just sick! The crowd was with it and just was wild! I think when you on a boat in the middle of the ocean you just let it go! Don’t care, cause you aint home, no one that can say, look at him he’s crazy! At least no one you’ll ever see again lol! But I’m looking forward to it, I’m hyped! I’m bringing Jason Gill, the producer with me as well. So that makes it extra hype, thats my dude, for real!

Now I’m gettin ready to hit the new office and see what my label doing. They better be working, that’s all I got to say lol! Naaw love my fam!


Yeeah Party cruise!!

Winter has come

Winter came to Stockholm this weekend. Snow and cold, and that just aint for me! So I spent my weekend in the crib just chillin, trying to keep warm and cozy lol! Saturday we had the Swedish Music awards, P3 Guld. My boy Salem was the host and he did a good job! It’s nice to see that P3 Guld keep coming with nice award shows and that Swedish Music is as strong as always! Much love to Ison & Fille for picking up the best Hip Hop award!

Now I’m about to hit the studio! I’ll keep you updated


In the studio with Jason Gill and Lukaz!

Was up guys!


Right now we in the studio working on some new new for me. I got my boy Jason and Lukaz in here, they are both producers and writers so the ideas is craazaay up in here! This week been fun, a lot to do and that’s how I love to roll! Next week we gonna do more work and more songs you already know!But now I gotta get back into the mode we got up in here because the drums are banging!

Peace out!