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Maino collabo

Got the news yesterday that I’m on Maino’s new album! That was some great news. Foe all of you that don’t know who Maino is, he did the Hi Haters track a few years ago. I’ve done big collabos on mixtape things with major artists from the states before and it feels good to make an other one.

Check the track out down here. I’ll also post the Hi Haters track.


Maino ft J-Son

Maino, Hi Haters




As you all know I’m from the Swedish west coast city of Gothenburg. Today I heard that they are having a vote on Swedish radio on who’s the best Gothenburg rapper of all time. So follow the link and vote for ya booi lol!

Much love


Remedy video shoot

Was up world!
Right now we are at a film studio hooting the video for Remedy! I am soooo hyped! The ideas we have are really what the song is all about, catching that vibe and having fun with it. Just had some fixing up and now we are about to shoot the first scene :)


Friday in the lab

Dear readers.. haha! what the fuck is going on this friday????

I’m in the studio with my bro Jason Gill. Feels real good now that my album is finished and ready for mixing! And I’ve done the photo shoot so there are not many steps left.. It’s been a long process, I have grown so much as a person the last one and a half years and thats what i hope you will hear on my album Gallery. Every song is personal in it’s own way, all the changes I made and all the sacrifices to be able to deliver this music to the world. Gift and a curse..

Let me get back to the music and I hope that all of you have a blessed Friday!


Single Ladies video shoot

Hello world!right now I’m in London shooting a video for a song I did with a group from Switzerland called Remady. The video is gonna be dope!! And hey guess what?! Yesterday I found out that I’m nominated for the Gothenburg prize 2011!! I’m honored and I put on for my city! Happy valentines day to y’all too!