Monthly Archives: March 2012

Saturday in the studio

Was up world!?!

Right now I’m in the studio with Lukipop, Jason Gill and Tima! We wrote this crazy song! Feeling good about this one yoo!


Working with Tima

Bom dia!

Today we in the studio with Tima! And the next couple of days also! Fun time!


Salvador da bahia 463 anos!

Yeeeup! Today is my hometowns birthday! Now 463 years old baby! My city has a lot of history behind it and a lot of culture to! Check up on Bahia and you’ll find out so much, like how capoeira came to life during the slavery.

Parabems Salvador da bahia!


Feeling good

Was up was up!

Today I’m kicking back at home still. Gonna have a couple of busy weeks going so I don’t mind working a little from home. Right now I’m going through some demos and mixes, love it!


Working from home


This week has been great so far! I’m mad happy with the video, and yesterday we mastered my next one!! Can’t tell you guys nothing about it yet but It’s something special. This week my home girl Tima is coming up and we gonna do some heavy studio time! I love being in the studio constantly just creating new sounds, new music! Anyways back to work.

Enjoy to the fullest!