Monthly Archives: April 2012

Optimus Krime Mr. Feelgood Remix



Sun is shining and we in the studio like never before! Had no charger cause mines broke! So I need to buy one asap! But anyway back to work! Enjoy the sun!


Tha Future!

Was up baby baby?!

Tired today for real, bout to hit the studio to record some things, but this grey ass weather makes me wanna stay in!

What if we had these tubes and i could go to Brazil reaal quick??


Bout to see Norlie & KKV live

Was up guys.

Been a long day, been at the office and this weather just takes all my energy! Try keep it hype tho! I really wanna see the boys rocking live, haven’t had a chance to Check it.. And just as I’m writing this they going on!


Pop Explosion

Best show made by a Swedish artist, all categories, I have ever seen! Great job, proud of you bro!