Monthly Archives: May 2012

On my way 2 Oslo

Yooo!! Yesterday was one of the illest nights of my life!! I have never been to such a dope concert as Watch The Throne. They reloaded Niggas In Paris six times!!! It was amazing! Now I’m on my way 2 Oslo Norway to work with some dope producers!


Love you mom

It’s your day today darling. Miss you a lot and I wish I could be there… Happy mothers day amor da minha vida



Really feels like the summer is here now! We been out all day playing football and enjoying the weather! Bout to hit the crib real quick, I’m mad tired!


The hangover

Man last night was off the chain! I was in the club bumping partying. Felt like aybody was there! But this morning wasn’t as good.. I was done and I had an early session. Made it there and we killed it! So all good!


New ones!

Hey! Today is such a wonderful day! And yesterday I got my new glasses! I can see clearly now the rain is gone! Word to J.Cliff!