Monthly Archives: June 2012

On my way home

Was up world!

Now we are all back in Sweden. The weather was terrible when we touched down, but now it’s better. I was mad jet lagged after the trip, decided to go down and visit my family for the weekend. I need that! Cause after that I’m going in work mode!


Shit is crazy!

Yo we in the studio recording and guess who’s in the next studio next to us, Frank Ocean!! We just met him and he was a real cool dude just as I imagined. Now we bout to record another song!


Work all day

Was up guys..

We had a good day in the studio, today’s song feel real special and babygirl Tima is killing it as usual! I feel real sad that we gotta go home soon, don’t wanna leave! Feels like this is the world I can develop and it’s the world that understands my shit. Anyways back to work.


Tima in the lab!


Just came back from the studio and we all are maad tired! We got some great songs and Tima is amaazing! check her out in this video with Shirazi, Jason Gill and yo boi in the studio. Babygirl is one special girl I tell you and I’m so proud of her! The future baby!

Back at it tomorrow, much love!


KMA studio

Hey guys sorry for not being the best at blogging right now, been doing so much! Right now we are in KMA studio in New York right in town. It’s very nice, and the songs are just getting crazier and crazier! Got some time to watch a little of the game right now, watching Croatia playing against Spain and its mad boring haha! Back to the music…