Monthly Archives: July 2012

I know I’m wack

Hey guys!

I know I been wack at blogging lately.. It’s summertime and a playa got a lot in his mind haha! Been back in my hometown the whole weekend. My moms finally got her drivers license yoo!! I am so proud of her, took her for ever to get that haha! Had a good time with my peeps down there and now I’m back ready to do some work. We got some exiting things coming up, as usual I won’t say isshh cause that’s just me. But I promise a lot of music coming!

Love you guys!!


On my way home

Hey Blogg!

Right now I’m on my way home, had a how yesterday in a small town called Strömstad. It was real nice, and i like Strömstad but I traveled for like 7 hours to get there so after the show I was done! Went back to the hotel and went straight to sleep. Now we are on the train and I just wanted to let you guys know was up! Might hit the club tonight cause shit is popping at Super Sundays!


Working in the sun

Damn this weather is mad crazy!
Had a good day planning some dope releases for you guys! Can’t wait to let y’all have it!! Right now we in traffic bout to head back to the office, and the car is burning up! 2 hot in here!


Still sick X Rain

Woke up today feeling much better, until I went for a walk and the rain just came down like never before! Even thunder and shit haha! So now I’m back in my couch watching soap opera and my cough just got a little worse… Fuck! Hope you guys are having a better day.. Say hello to Lady also, my moms and my brothers dogcat haha



Was up bloggy!

Been bad at blogging these passed couple of days.. I guess “summer” does that to you haha! You Sweden’s summer is not popping at all this year. I’m actually sick as hell, got a cold and all that. So here I am in my couch coughing til my chest hurt.. But check this picture out, one of my lovely fans made it for me and I love it!