Monthly Archives: August 2012

Hard work

Hey hey hey!

Been working so hard I totally forgot to let you guys know what’s up! We been working for five days from ten to ten and after that I’m pretty much done! So right now we are recording some vocals and finalizing something real good! Going to Trondheim on tuesday and then we back to Stockholm. I gotta say I love my job!



Hey guys!

Right now I’m in Norway, Oslo to be exact! Working with my boy E o some new shit, it’s the first day so we just got in the session but I had to take some time and say was up to my peeps!! Sun is shining over here so we are inspired!!


Great weekend

Bom dia blog!

Had a great weekend. Did two shows at DN galan on Friday, first at the VIP pre party and at the after party! Tomorrow I’m off to Copenhagen to work a couple of days and I’m really exited. I’m working with Thomas Troelsen again, we wrote Single Ladies together.

Anyways today I’m chilling doing some laundry. That’s my chilling can you believe that haha! Have a nice Sunday everybody!


Back in the studio

Ey guys was up??

Right now I’m in the studio with Eric Saade and Jason Gill. We are working on some new things, and it’s already sounding crazy! We worked yesterday too. So all week is studio mode for us. Hope you guys out there are ready for new music!


Sabado baby

Sabado means Saturday in portugeis just so you know, we always hype up Sabado baby haha jokes. Today I’m chilling with my homies helping them move into their new spot, witch is gonna be mad nice! On Monday I’m back in the studio with the boys to write new magic! Can’t wait I’m so exited! The weather is nice today also so far.. But you know how Sweden weather be..